Friday, June 22, 2012

Bill Hicks deserves a monument in Houston, DAMMIT

From Free Press Houston
Submitted by Editor on June 3, 2012 – 4:32 pm

The folks who organize FPSF are a sordid and disparate group of people who come from every different age and background. ( It may be a fact that we collectively have more felony convictions than college degrees.) But there is one commonality between all of us: We are all admirers of late great Houston comic-philosopher legend Bill Hicks. Hicks is one of the world’s most influential comics and the closest thing to a philosopher to ever come out of Houston. While in high school at Stratford, Hicks would sneak out at night to perform at downtown Houston comedy clubs. Yet despite being world renowned, there does not stand a single monument to this native son. We want David Addicks to build a statue of Bill Hicks and erect it AT ELEANOR TINSLEY PARK park as a tribute to the man who taught us to laugh at the absurd, question the dominant paradigm, and stick it to the man with a smile while chuckling. Help us spread the word about this. Donate to the cause.Tell your city council member that you support a Bill Hicks statue at Eleanor Tinsley Park. We will soon release donation and cost information on this project. STAY TUNED.

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